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  1. If an established business, a copy of your financial statements for the past 2 to 3 years, as well as those to the most recent month, are required. These include an aged list of accounts receivable and accounts payable and a detailed list of assets and liabilities with creditors listed and repayment terms explained.

  2. a) If an established business, a copy of your Business Registration from the Registry of Joint Stock Companies is required.
    b) If your business is registered with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), your business number with CRA is also required.

  3. Application forms, etc. for Student In Business (SIB) Loans can be found at www.studentsinbusiness.ca or your local CBDC office.

  4. Application forms, etc. for Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) Loans can be found at www.cybf.ca or your local CBDC office.

  5. All programs and services are mutually exclusive.

Self-Employment Benefit (SEB) Program


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