Counselling Assistance
This is the most common type of assistance and is usually in the form of advice to the new entrepreneur as well as the established business person. When particular problems arise, solutions and plans of action are specially designed to deal with them. If while counselling the client it is determined that the services of other agencies are required, arrangements will be made to obtain those services.

In order to ensure a complete counselling program, every attempt is made to follow-up the initial call or visit.

Technical Assistance
We assist in the preparation of complete business plans essential to the success of any business venture.

We help new and existing businesses in preparing loan and grant applications to government agencies.

We provide counselling services of a consulting nature, which take the form of advice or recommendation for specific action.

Our aim is to promote maximum client participation in the evaluation of a project. The client must agree to take an active part in his/her study.

Financial Assistance
The maximum amount of funding available to a borrower is $150,000 under the Youth loan program; $150,000 (if needed, can be extended to $225,000) under the First Time Entrepreneur, General Business, Innovation, and Social Enterprise loan programs; and $5,000 under the SIB loan program. Interest rates for loans reflect the risk assessment of the proposal while noting the minimum interest rate for Youth loans is two percent above the prevailing prime rate and SIB loans are interest free. Please note a training allowance is also attached to some of the loan programs and SIB loans are for "returning" students only. Last, but, not least, to qualify the proposed business project must satisfy certain criteria:

  1. The business must be based in Hants-Kings.
  2. It must create and/or maintain employment for at least one Hants-Kings resident.
  3. Applicants should be providing adequate equity in the business project.
  4. Applicants requesting financial assistance must have exhausted other conventional sources of financing.
  5. The business proposal must be sound and viable in the market place.

The existence of any or all of the above criteria does not in itself guarantee approval by the Board of Directors.

Self Employment Benefit Assistance
The SEB Program is a tool designed to encourage entrepreneurial spirit in unemployed persons. It is the form of income, counselling, training, and technical assistance.

Labour and Advanced Education funds the program and ultimately determines eligibility. Applicants must be referred directly or indirectly by an external case manager.

Applicants complete their proposal, including a number of assessment tools/forms and a summary of their business concept, with the assistance of an assigned business counsellor.

The CBDC assesses the proposal and makes a recommendation as to the proposal's viability. CBDC monitors and assists each individual on this program monthly.

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